Harvard University Visitor Center

  • <p>Outside of the Smith Campus Center on Massachusetts Avenue</p> <p>The outside of a tall building where the first two floors are made of glass. In front of the building are four tables each with two chairs where people sit across from each other and play chess. There is a man walking his bike behind a tall tree with green leaves.</p>
  • <p>Harvard University Visitor Center front desk.</p> <p>Inside of a building is a bright red-orange wall. In the center of that wall is a digital screen with an image of Harvard's <em>VERITAS</em> crest. In front of this wall is a light brown desk with four students sitting behind it.</p>
  • <p>A Visitor Center tour group walking through Harvard Yard.</p> <p>A group of people walking outside past a bike rack. Leading the group is a woman with curly black hair wearing a blue dress and turquoise jacket under a black coat. She has a red lanyard on and is wearing black boots. Next to her is a white woman with long blonde hair, light blue jeans, a turquoise coat, and a black cross-body purse who is speaking to the group leader. The rest of the crowd follows behind the leader of the group. In the background are blurry tall trees with green leaves.</p>
  • <p>Harvard Commons in the Smith Campus Center.</p> <p>A larger room with glass walls. On the first floor are five large red sofas in the center of the room on a grey rug with small brown circular tables where several people sit. Around the couches are circular and square tables with orange chairs where more people sit with their computers and papers. On a raised overhang that is on the back wall of the room with a glass railing there are smaller white tables with light gray chairs where a couple more people sit.</p>

Harvard University Visitor Center and the Smith Campus Center

Welcome to the Harvard University Visitor Center, located inside the Smith Campus Center! Established in 1962, the Visitor Center serves as a front door to the University. Here, students greet guests from all over the world, answer questions about the University, and provide the Official Historical Tour of Harvard.

It's also where visitors get their first glimpse into student life. The Smith Campus Center, named for Richard A. and Susan F. Smith, serves as a dynamic center of University life, a place to meet before or after classes, socialize, eat, and study.

  • Harvard University Visitor Center and the Smith Campus Center