Harvard Yard & Square

<p>A man carrying a bouquet of flowers passes by the Harvard Art Museums on a hot summer day.</p> <p>A man carrying a bouquet of flowers passes by three brightly colored banners for the Harvard Art Museums that altogether reads "Open to Everyone." It is a bright and sunny summer day.</p>
17 Stops
Duration: 01:00:00  to  02:00:00
Distance: 4023

Embark on an artful journey through Harvard Yard and Harvard Square, where a world of artistic wonders awaits! Learn the captivating stories behind the area's renowned artworks and uncover hidden gems in plain sight, offering a fresh and immersive perspective of our iconic campus for art enthusiasts and curious minds alike!

Not sure where to begin? Start your journey at the Smith Campus Center (1350 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA).

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