Recommended Route: Playground Path

<p>One of the teal newspaper bins used for the Art In Print project placed in front of the Zone 3 building. These newspaper bins can be found around Western Avenue in Allston, MA.</p> <p>Teal newspaper bin placed in front of an entrance to the building. On the top of the bin is a sign that reads "BUY A POSTER, 25c QUARTERS ONLY". In the middle of the bin is a map that shows "WHERE TO FIND ART IN PRINT". At the bottom of the bin are images of newspaper-like prints with the words "ONE QUARTER = ONE POSTER!".</p>
9 Stops
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Distance: 804

Going to the Smith Field Playground? This route features stops between Zone 3 and Trader Joe's—with plenty of time to take a ride down a slide!

Route Highlight: Easy straight path perfect for families with strollers and young children.

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