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<p><em>Interconnected</em>, by Sophy Tuttle, from above.</p> <p>A front side view, looking down at a roughly 3 story-building painted with a dark green color background. The first story of the building is wider than the upper stories. On the dark green background are creatures like a hummingbird, butterfly, flower, and more, with different colored lines connecting them all.</p>
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Named after Washington Allston—a visionary painter and 1800 Harvard graduate—the neighborhood of Allston features vibrant, eclectic art that reflects its creativity and diversity. On this self-guided tour, you'll discover "can't-miss" public art installations along Western Avenue (and beyond!) and learn the stories behind them and their artists. Follow along to explore hand-painted murals, sky-high sculptures, 25-cent art prints, and more!

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